Master of Science in Optometry (NO15204)

I am a Msc in Optometry, a vision therapist, dispensing optician. I graduated in Optometry and Optometry at the University of Warsaw and Optometry at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan.

I conduct professional eye examinations and vision therapies in adults, adolescents and children. I examine eye parameters for glasses correction (including advanced prismatic, progressive, office constructions). I apply contact lenses (including: toric lenses for astigmatism, progressive for presbyopia correction).


I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of visual disorders: binocular vision (overt and covert eye cross), amblyopia, suppression, accommodation, eye movements, fixation, convergence, visual perception dysfunctions.

I acquired my knowledge by participating in many conferences and courses. I graduated, among others, 3 courses in the field of Vision Therapy conducted by prof. WC. Maples (USA).

I am a member of the Polish Optometric Association (PTOO). I was a member of the PTOO Board in the 2014-2016 Board term. In my professional activity I worked for several private optometric practices and optical networks, including in Great Britain.



Optometrist (NO18402)

I am an optometrist, vision therapist, and dispensing optician. I graduated in Optometry and Optics at the University of Warsaw, as well as a course on visual therapy, led by prof. WC Maples and Dr. W. DeRosier (USA).


In Dobry Optometrysta I conduct vision therapies in children, adolescents and adults, I peform eye examinations and apply contact lenses.

I am also a member of the Polish Optometric Association (PTOO).



Master of Science in Optometry (NO13405)

I graduated with a Masters Degree in optometry at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (2016 year) and with Bachelors Degree of optics and optometry at Warsaw University (2013 year).

I help my patients by prescribing the most optimal spectacles correction and/or contact lenses, using vision therapy oraz recommending appropriate hygiene and strategies of visual working. In the area of vision therapy I take care of, among others, visual symptoms, strabismus, amblyopia, problems with learning assosiated with vision proccess (optodyslexia, dyslexia).


In my accupational practice I perform optometry exams and vision therapy to adults and children since. I have extended my knowledge by participating in several courses, conferences and workshops in range of optometry and vision therapy. I completed series of courses of vision therapy (advance degree) conducted by prof. W.C. Maples (USA). I also finished course of neurooptometry leading by dr Wes DeRosier (USA).

I am interested in vision therapy and visual perception. As part of it I undertook to investigate the influence of mind activity on visual perception in matters of masters thesis and I was a lecturer in Centre of Teachers Improvement on subject: "dyslexia, optodyslexia – teacher and pupils with learning problems".

I am a member of Polish Optometric Association.